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Manage your cooperative society with ease

Probitycoop helps you minimize the paper work and stress involved with running a cooperative. Our cooperative management software allows you to track member details, contribution information, loan disbursement and investment portfolios all from one place.

Automate Contribution

Our cooperative management software collects and automatically registers payments made into cooperative account.

Membership Enrolment

Add and update your cooperative members information with ease using our extensive updating feature.

Automate loan processing

Our cooperative management software speeds up the process of requesting, verifying and disbursing loans.

Monitor cooperative health

Our Advanced reporting features helps you monitor your cooperative’s financial health directly from your dashboard

Multiple roles and access

Probitycoop allows you define roles for each sub-account. Control who has access to what information in your cooperative account.

Multiple Location Management

Do you operate from multiple locations? Our cooperative management software helps you manage all tasks straight from your dashboard.

Simple Pricing

Get control over your cooperative’s most tedious operations at affordable costs.


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Montly Contribution
  • Automate Contribution
  • >50 Membership Enrolment
  • Automate Processing
  • Payment Integration
  • Email Support

Professional Pack

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N100 Per User

Per Month
  • Automate Contribution
  • >50 & <300 Membership Enrolment
  • Automate Processing
  • Payment Integration
  • Email Support

Enterprise Pack

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N50 Per User

Per Month
  • Automate Contribution
  • >300 Membership Enrolment
  • Automate Processing
  • Payment Integration
  • Email Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Work on joint projects. Access time entries of your fellow team members and run reports for the entire team.

Can members make contributions directly from their accounts?

Yes, cooperative members have access to a personal dashboard which can be used to make contributions, repay loan, request loan and access statement of account.

Which type of cooperative can your solution work for?

Our cooperative management software supports any type of cooperative society, be it Agric cooperative, Real estate cooperative, Bank staff cooperative etc.

Can members access statement of account??

Yes, members have a direct access to their statement of accounts and related information from their account. They can also check for eligibility of loan from anywhere.

Can your cooperative management software be customized?

Probity cooperative software allows you to fully customize and adjust its settings to fit your cooperative needs.

Can i control who accesses the cooperative information?

Yes, Probitycoop gives you a high level of security. Want only admins to approve loans? You can set up roles to define different users and set limit to actions they can take on their account

Can your cooperative management software track investments and profit

Yes, apart from automating your data collection methods, we have made it possible to store information to your cooperative's investments. This way stakeholders are continually in the loop.


Email: hello@probitycoop.com or Phone +2348060143853

Want to host your own Data?

We understand your organization has it's own policies and wants to have the cooperative application hosted inhouse or your organization has a provider of preference, we have a solutions for you.

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